30 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

I confess having lots of blogs to post makes me slightly confused. Yesterday I even thought about deleting my tumblr but then I hesitated. Mainly because I would regret doing it. Besides being confused I was feeling exausted by looking at my blog, pictures etc. Everything looked so messy for a second, maybe I am just neurotic or I have complusive neatness disorder depending on the moon's cycle ahaha. I actually like changing my blog template every once and while, I get bored of things easily and I am not quite sure if this is a good thing. Okay now instead of typing this up I should be typing a college work evaluation instead, but I am procrastinating it until I get my cup of tea from the kitchen.

By the way if you have any questions or comments about what you would like to see in my blog I would be happy to know, I have just removed the formspring gadget from the sidebar because of my ' need to see things neat' haha gosh this sounds crazy. Anyway once I get back to my normal state and have some time (as if putting a widget on the sidebar would take forever lol) I will add it back.
a song

Faux Hair Fun

We've done several posts using these faux hair clips that we found at Sally Beauty Supply and my daughter absolutely LOVES them. 
They happen to be just the right length for her hair but you can always trim them up if you need to.  This is just another style using those fun clips.  Grab a small section of hair right from the middle of the hairline, up by the forehead, and secure it with a small clear elastic.  Now clip your faux hair in right over the elastic. 
 Grab a section of hair from each side of your original section and have your princess hold those for you for just a second.  Create a part just behind your original section that is right in the middle of the head and is about 2 inches long.  Now section out the hair from that middle part down to the ear on each side - giving you two new sections. 
You'll want to grab the right section that your princess is holding and bring it right over the faux hair clip and add it in with the new left section with an elastic. 
 Repeat on the other side by grabbing the left section that your princess is holding, place it over the faux hair clip as well and add it in with the new right section with an elastic.  (You're original ponytail and fax hair should not be added into these two new elastics.) 
 Create a braid out of each of those two new ponytails.  Your braid will only need to be about 3 inches long. 
 Have you princess hold those two braids while you part the remainder of the hair right down the middle.  
  Move back up to your very first ponytail with the fax hair and separate that into two sections - making sure that the faux hair is evenly divided and clearly visible.    Take the right section and the right braid and combine them together with all the hair on the right half of the head with an elastic.  Do the same on the left side as well. 
Remember to have your colored hair on top so that it's easily seen.  Add some hair clips to hide your bottom two elastics to complete the whole look. 

28 Mart 2011 Pazartesi

a song

Straight "A" Student

My princess was so excited about her straight A report card that she wanted to do something fun with her hair to celebrate.  Her name happens to start with the letter "A" so we've done variations of this hairstyle before but never posted anything. 
 Start by pulling the top half of the hair up into a ponytail.  Separate that ponytail into two sections and create a regular 3-Strand Braid out of each section.  Secure the bottom of the braids with elastics.  Have your princess hold those two braids out of the way while you move down to the bottom half of the head. 
 Part the remainder of the hair right down the middle and secure each side into a low ponytail.  Braid those two sections into regular 3-Strand Braids as well.  Secure the bottom of those braids with more elastics.  Now this next part will vary depending on how long your princess' hair is.  I will give the directions for what we've done here but you can modify it if you need to.  Pull the bottom braids up behind the their starting elastic using a Topsy Tail.  Let the ends of the hair just flair out. 
 Now grab your original two braids and pull them down in the middle of the head and then wrap the left braids around the junction of the lower left braid.  Do the same with the right side as well.  Pull each side up and around the junction, covering the elastic, and pull it across to the braid junction on the opposite side of the head. 
 Pull the last little bit of the braids through those opposite sides using the Topsy Tail again.  (So that the elastic securing the braid is hidden underneath the hair.) 
Add some bobby pins at both braid junctions just to secure everything nicely and you're all finished!  Again, don't be afraid to change it up according to the length of hair you are working with!

27 Mart 2011 Pazar

Black and white collection

I do not know why I posted three times today. I guess it is because I want to get rid of some of my pictures. I just get tired of seeing them messed up on the desktop or folders ( this sounds crazy). However I just feel like retouching some pictures now instead of sleeping,though tasting my tepid tea and complaining about my numb feet makes me want to stand up and go to sleep. But I guess I will listen to some songs until my eyes start closing by itself. - Kissz

Point&shoot camera -

These are pictures of what I was wearing on friday, it pretty simple but as I had them on my computer I decided to post them. I'm wearing a thrifted jeans skirt, h&m blazer and jumper. x a song

26 Mart 2011 Cumartesi

Netting Updo

Here's a pretty one for church or a special occasion. 
You will want to work with wet hair and create 5 vertical sections - making sure that you have one directly in the middle and two on each side of that.  Secure each section with an elastic back in the middle of the head.  You should now have 5 ponytails. 
 Separate each of the ponytails into two sections (except for the two outside ponytails) and combine one section from one ponytail with one section from the adjacent ponytail. Do this for each of the ponytails.  Your two outside ponytails will be added in with one section from their adjacent ponytails.  Make sure that your elastics combining the section are about 1.5 inches below the first elastics. 
You should now have 4 ponytails.  Tuck all of the netting up underneath itself so that the 4 ponytails are line up with the outside 4 original sections. 
Using a Topsy Tail, pull the 4 ponytails through those 4 sections.  Create a Barrel Roll out of each of the 4 pieces of hair and secure them over the original elastics with bobby pins.
  Add a hair clip over the middle elastic and spray the hair for a nice tight hold. 

25 Mart 2011 Cuma

Flashback Friday: Princess Hair

So at this point we were really trying to get creative with the growing bangs because we were getting sick of the same old hairstyles all the time.  This one is just a simple French Twist but it's perfect for pesky bangs.
Start with wet hair and comb the bangs right down into the face.  Create a part right in the middle about three inches long.  (Behind the bangs.)  Now begin your French Twist with the bangs and continue adding in hair as you work to the right, along the scalp line. 
 When you get over to the left ear and have added in all the hair.  Secure it into a ponytail with an elastic.  Add a flower clip to his the elastic.  Those bangs will be out of the way for the whole day!

24 Mart 2011 Perşembe

When the sun don't shine

Starting yawning but not because I am sleepy, I just saw somebody's yawn and you know it is contagious. I have been so much more happy this week due to the sunshine. I was getting seasonal depression haha. Anyway I should probably get a tea now. x

Abby Cadabby

My princess is a little too old for Sesame Street but she still loves Abby Cadabby.  After all, what girl wouldn't love a darling little pink fairy with awesome hair?
 This is our version of her cute hair.  We started by parting the hair right down the middle and Pulling each half up into a piggie by securing it with an elastic. 
 Next we created some Kissy Lip Buns.  Basically they are Messy Buns for longer hair.  Grab another elastic and wrap it around the piggie again until your last chance to wrap it when you will want to only pull the hair half-way through.
  Now puff the bit off hair that is still hanging down up under the top poof and grab yet another elastic.   Wrap it around both poofs as tightly as you can until it is secured. 
 Now tug at each poof a little bit and make it look a bit disheveled.  Repeat the same steps with your second piggie. 
 Add some hair clips underneath the Kissy Lip Buns and you have your Abby Cadabby hairstyle! 
We also used a variation of this for my princess this last weekend because she was in our local St. Patrick's Day parade. 
 We wrapped some clover garland around the outside of the buns with some gold coins inserted on top. 
 We also stuck a leprechaun hair clip in the middle of each bun. 
And it wouldn't be a performance without TONS of spray glitter!  :) 
(Click on this picture to enlarge it and you'll see what I mean!)