31 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

First Day of 3rd Grade Hair

My princess started 3rd grade this week and she was so excited for her first day of school.  She had the Bottom Braids and Bun hairstyle the day before for church (which we created a video for and will be up soon!  Woohoo!) so we just used the waves from those braids.  You can also get waves by just braiding wet hair the night before or using an electric waver.
We wanted kind of a Bohemian look so we basically just made a short off-centered part on the top and then gathered some hair back into an elastic. 
We did leave some hair loose by the ear so that it was not a full half-up hairstyle. 
We tied a ribbon over the elastic and just let the rest of the hair fall in waves.   It was very simple but very beautiful.  It did not take very long either which is perfect for those morning that you just need to get out the door!
She had a great first day of school and had many compliments on her hair.  

30 Ağustos 2011 Salı

you wouldn't put your pen to bed when we hadn't found our own our own

I'm by myself downstairs watching Children of the corn. It makes me keep looking at the dark side of the living room. I'll stop doing so. It scares me a little ha! Today I went to Hammersmith to get something done, when I go out by myself I can't walk in the streets without listening to music, it is like life is strange. But today I had to face strange life,because the battery of my iPod was dead after a half hour I left my house. I felt really sad. To make me happy a bit I bought myself original glazed donuts and latte from Krispy Kreme. Then I got into the bus, accidentally tripped over a woman, who perhaps did not find my 'sorry' acceptable and asked me if I was desperate. That's why I don't like buses, because it unites MEAN people. I got home later and did some sketches.

29 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

A few weeks ago I tried many clothes on just trying to set up outfits and perhaps get a bit inspiration from it. I don't really know if I like them. Do you like any of these, if so which is your favourite?

Baptism Picture Hair

My princess is getting baptized at the end of this week and we wanted to get some pictures taken for the invitations.  This is the hairstyle that we came up with:
First I completely dried her hair and then I began by creating an off-centered diagonal part in the front.  (I had more of the bang-line on the right side of the diagonal.)  I then sectioned out the hair from one ear to the other so that I was only working with the top half of hair. 
I tied off the left side of my diagonal part so that it was out of the way while I worked with the right.  You'll want to create four even sections out of that side and make sure they run parallel to the diagonal part.  Secure each small area with an elastic at the back of the section. 
 Now move over to the left side and create 5 equal sections. 
 My first 3 section came straight off of the diagonal part instead of running parallel to it.  This just breaks up the design a bit.  Secure each of those areas with an elastic at the back of the section as well. 
 Now you should have 9 small ponytails at the top of the head.  Take each of those ponytails and cross them over and under each other in a weaving pattern.  Go ahead and secure the ends together at the back of the head with bobby pins creating an "X".  
You can either leave the remaining hair straight or curl it like we've done here.  We used a spiral curling iron to get these ringlets. 
We finished it off by giving it a good spray with hairspray and then adding some flower hair pins and velcro pearls. 
The hair not only held up through her photo shoot but all the way through the end of the day too. 
The pictures turned out great and she's very excited for her big day this Saturday!

Stop and stare.

There I was sitting on the tube, packed of people. Fortunately I was sitting really comfortably but with nothing to do, no music, no books to read. My only option was either sleep or try to look out of the window behind a guy who was sitting towards me. I was really trying to stare at the widonw behind him, but most of the time his face was on the way. That was when I started feeling embarassed once he kept staring at me, So I started looking at people's feet, I was even getting tired of looking down. Then I remembered I had my analogue camera with me. There it was my salvation, entertain myself unloading the film. Little did I know it wasn't fully unloaded when I opened the back of the camera to check it. Disappointment, disappointment. Why am I so fool. What I learnt from this experience is that I will always stare at people on the tube or I shall never unload my film while I am in the train. These pictures I took on my way back to London. I spent the weekend in Milton Keynes. Did you guys see the rainbow yesterday? that is if you live in London :) x

28 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

America and London.

topshop shorts, shoes and top from h&m.

Hi, This weekend I went to Milton Keynes and I got stuck inside a elevator with seven people for ten minutes or more. It seemed like an eternity but it probably wasnt. Three people there including me almost died of a heart attack, you might think it is to much drama. I just closed my eyes and tried to avoid the thoughts I was having ih that moment, but it did not help, my sister was crying actually i was crying to, between prayers and claustrophobia and even fights haha, we got off alive (ofc). But in a way it was a good, because if I had any doubt of how i am afraid of lifts,now I am completly sure, I rather climb the stairs.

26 Ağustos 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: The Quad

It's Friday again!  Today we wanted to flashback to The Quad.  We had lots of questions on this one originally and it's a braid that we use ALL THE TIME!  People always stop us and ask how we did that so here are the instructions:
Hopefully that helps a bit and makes some more sense.  The first couple times I did it, I was really slow but after a few times it comes very naturally.  Good luck!

24 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

Awesome New Tip

I've tried many different ways of organizing our hair supplies and I've posted several of them in my Accessory Organization post. 

Click on the link for some great ideas for your ribbon, small clips, elastics, flowers and other hair supplies.
I've always struggled with organizing headbands.  They are bulky and don't fit in small containers. 
You may remember my post on the Cure for the Headband Headache (instructions are on the link) and this is definitely a great solution but I found that I only had room for two of these containers on the dresser and we had many more headbands that needed a home.  I was browsing my favorite new site, Pinterest, and came across another idea that I had to try:
They are paper towel rolls that I attached to the inside of the bathroom cupboard door.  The original that I saw was attached the wide way but I needed two so I attached mine the long way.
I took an unused roll of paper towel and covered it with some fabric. (Zebra is my princess's favorite)  I stitched the fabric together for the length of the paper towel, placed it over the roll and then just hot glued the two ends in place.  It works perfectly for us and hopefully it will be a helpful idea for you!

23 Ağustos 2011 Salı

I was feeling inspired to make a vlog today, but then out of the blue I started feeling asleep. So I decided to do not do it and go to sleep instead. In the end, I didn't actually sleep neither made the vlog. Plus my sister wasn't here and I dont know if it would be normal talking to my camera alone in my room. It is a bit depressing if you analyse it. I talk to myself when I am on my own because I'm the only one I have to talk with, when I am alone 0.o - Right, I've added my last.fm link on the sidebar, add me if you want. I somehow don't feel good having all of those links. I might eliminate one them. Maybe twitter, once I rarely twitt and I bet nobody reads what I write and to be honest I don't recommend you to; it is nothing interesting anyway.

22 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

Je déteste les couples, je les hais tout court.

This is what I wore today, I'm trying to remember where this dress is from. Anyway I won't remember it now.
I took these pictures in Kew Gardens. I've got a bunch more. I'll post it later. Now I shall go to sleep. Good night!

Hidden Half-Up

This hairstyle is really easy and has a neat look to it. 
It's easiest when using wet hair for this one.  Create a small off-centered part in the top of the hair and then comb everything straight. 
Grab some hair from along the hairline that is right above each ear.  Twist those two side over the combed hair and combine it at the back of the head with an elastic.  (Have the combined area somewhat low on the back of the head.) 
Now gather two more sections of hair just below the first two and twist them together at the back of the head as well and combine them with another elastic.  You should now have two elastics at the back of the head and a section of hair still hanging that is combed straight. 
 Grab all of that hanging hair and roll it up over the two elastics.  Tuck it underneath the elastics creating a roll.  Secure it in place using bobby pins and add any hair accessories you like to finish it off.   

21 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

God Natt, haha everytime I go to Ikea I think of swedish. The weird thing is that I don't even speak swedish. I just know a couple of words, very few to be honest. I guess I have some swedish readers. I do remember having one at least. (Hej reader). Okay I will stop before I get tacky. So today I went to Ikea and to a park, it wasnt a really exciting day as I thought it would be. I planned to go to Kew Gardens but I didnt. I might go tomorrow morning though. Did you have an exciting day?