31 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, I'm going to eat chocolates, and watch a horror film!
The first picture 'umbrella in doors' is from a superstition project I once did.

Haunted Hairstyle

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!  We love this time of year because it is so fun to dress up and pretend.  We also love the candy - of course!  We have one final Halloween hairstyle today and it's called the "Haunted Hairstyle". 
Start by pulling all of the hair back into a tight ponytail.  Now grab a bun mold or a rolled sock and place the ponytail through it.  Spread the hair evenly over the bun mold and then wrap another elastic over the hair and mold to secure it into place. 
Comb the remaining hair, outside of the mold, straight down so it looks like a ponytail. 
Now grab a white knee-high stocking.  (I used the second one from the pack that I bought at the dollar store - I used the first on The Ghost.)  Draw a face on the knee-high with a permanent marker.  (Place cardboard inside the knee-high to prevent bleeding.)  Place the face part of your knee-high directly over the bun mold and then stretch the rest over.  You can adjust it as needed.  Add one final white elastic over the mold to hold the knee-high in place. 
 Grab some white ribbon for your last part.   Measure the ribbon against the length of the hair hanging down and then double it so that it is twice as long as the hair.  You can cut as many strand of ribbon as you like.  Take each strand and tuck them through that final elastic that you placed over the mold.  Make sure the middle of your ribbon is directly under the elastic so that you have two hanging strands.  You can tie the ribbon onto the elastic if you like but we did not do that and the ribbon held just fine.  You can either leave the hair straight at this point like we've done or you can curl it.  (I personally wanted to curl it but we ran out of time.)  Add a hair bow to the top of your ghost and you're all finished! 
My princess had a ghost in her hair to match the ghost on her pillowcase dress!  We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

28 Ekim 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: The Ghost

We wanted to do a fun, yet simple, Halloween hairstyle for you this year so we came up with The Ghost. 
You will need a pair of white knee-high tights and I just found mine at the local dollar store.  Draw a ghost face on one stocking with a permanent black marker.  (Tip: Place some cardboard inside the stocking before drawing the face on to avoid any bleeding.)
Here are some pictures of the finished product topped with a ghost hair bow.
 It held really well all day long and everyone was stopping my princess to take a look at it.
 Happy Haunting!

27 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

This is a list of my current favourite songs, or maybe my favourite songs at all times. So I'm on the move, I'll be moving to southwest London and I'm quite happy about it. Although I should be packing by now. I feel so much like bloggin, plus I won't have internet access for a couple of days which will make me miss my poor little blog. I'm gonna go packing now, but I will probably blog once more today ha.

25 Ekim 2011 Salı

Candy Corn Revisited

I had done a post last year called Halloween Hairdos: Candy Corn and here is a picture of it:
I decided to try revisiting this hairstyle again this year and tweaking it a bit so that it is easier.
I started by pulling the hair half up - from ear to ear - and securing it in an elastic at the back of the head.  Divide the hair below the elastic in half by creating a part directly down the center.  Go ahead and divide your ponytail into two equal parts as well. 
Start by working on the left side and divide that in half horizontally so that it gives you two equal sections on that side.  Combine the left half of your ponytail with that top-left section of hair and secure it with an elastic.  Make sure to pull that new elastic a bit more to the left than your original ponytail but not all the way to the left.  Now combine your most recent ponytail with the bottom-left section of hair and secure it with a new elastic ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT so that you have a triangular shape happening.  I chose to use white orange and yellow elastics but clear will work as well if you don't have the colors.  Go ahead and repeat those steps on the right half of the head. 
 I also finished off the ponytails by alternating the white yellow and orange elastics all the way down to the ends of the hair but this is optional.  Now grab some ribbons and a plastic yarn needle.  Start with white on the top and begin with a bow right over the main elastic.  Now continue wrapping the ribbon around the hair until you get to the next elastic.  At this point you will cut off any excess white ribbon and tuck the ends into the elastics.  Grab your orange ribbon and tie a large bow which you will place right over the middle part.  There will be no wrapping with this color but you will tuck your ends into the elastics to secure them.  Your final ribbon will be yellow and you will start again by tying a bow and placing it over the center part.  Now thread your needle and wrap the ribbon through the bottom elastics and the UP the hair and you will tuck your ends into those middle elastics.  (All of your ribbon ends will be secured and tucked into those middle elastics.)  Cut off any excess ribbon and hide the ends inside the hair. 
We finished our hairstyle off by adding some candy corn clips at the bottom of the ponytails since she had a whole candy corn theme going on. :)  (I found the idea for her outfit on Pinterest and I was so happy with how it turned out!  Plus I made it big enough for her to wear again next year!)

my mom would say i hope someday you get paid for being kimya dawson

I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be do do do do do do

24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Couleur Café

Hello, This hat is from H&M. I'm obsessed with hats I guess I once wrote I would show you guys my hat collection. Yeah I forgot to do that. I've been thinking about adding a FAQ here on the blog, because I feel a bit tired of answering the question 'what camera do you use'. Perhaps I sound mean, I'm sorry I don't blame you, ask it how many times you want. No, well I'll do the FAQ, so I wanted to know if are there any questions you would suggest adding to it. I'd be happy you if you let me know. I'll eat pancakes with strawberry jam now. Good Night.

23 Ekim 2011 Pazar

I don't know if I like having two consecutive outfit posts. Anyway this is what I wore today and as tomorrow I have to go to uni :/. I decided to post it today. Well actually now is tomorrow. It is 02:16 so I got to go to uni today. I should be sleeping . That is what I'm gonna do. Before I go just let me tell you what I wore, in case you ask. The poncho is from Primark, shoes I can't recall, hat from h&m, bag thrifted and blouse from romwe. xx

22 Ekim 2011 Cumartesi

Piece me back together

Good night. My computer just broke so I haven't been much excited to use the other laptop I have. But as I took these photographs I thought I should post them. This is totally a Primark look ha. I've been in love with green so I don't have to mention how much I love my new coat. So apart from the hat which is from TK Max the rest is from Primark. Now I'm ready to watch a movie for the second time. I'll post the film stills later for you to see. In the mean time here is a song for you <3 Melodica,Melody and me. Current favourite song :)

21 Ekim 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: Barrel Roll Braid

*NEW* We are now on Facebook!  Just search "Princess Piggies" and it will pull up our page.  Click "like" and you will make my whole day!  :)  Also, feel free to share pictures of your hair creations because I'd love to see all of your hard work!  I will be uploading pictures there as well so you will have a photo gallery to view at your convenience!  Hooray - Princess Piggies is moving into the networking era!  :)
The hairstyle today is called the "Barrel Roll Braid" and it's an easy updo. 
 I've included a video but have only showed the basic steps on the video because it would have been too long to film from start to finish. 
Begin by pulling the top part of the hair - from ear to ear - into an elastic.
Also, in these final pictures I divided the starting ponytail into 3 Barrel Rolls and the film only shows 2. 
(Hopefully we're slowly figuring out our lighting issues.)
Here's a side view for you.
You can see how I just rolled the last strands of hair up into the braid itself instead of to the side.
The updo was beautiful for the first part of the day and we were left with some gorgeous loose curls for the rest of the evening.

19 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Halloween Hairstyles Recap

I wanted to post a few of our favorite Halloween Hairstyles since we are getting close to the big day! You can also click on "Costume Hair" or "Halloween" in the labels section on the sidebar for more ideas.  Just click on the name beneath the picture and you will be taken to the original post with instructions!
 The Great Pumpkin

The Coffin

Spider Rings


The Mummy

Monster Eyes

Spider Web


Candy Corn

Pumpkin Patch
Hopefully these will be some fun ideas for you to try and celebrate with!

18 Ekim 2011 Salı

These are a couple of photos from my trip to Exeter. I think I can't even call it a trip once I stayed only one day there and did not have much time to tour around. I simply walked around the city centre which was crowded with teenagers and musicians playing great music. I spend the few hours I had going to Starbucks and charity shops. I bought myself a glass vase and popped into Marks & Spencer to get food to eat in the coach which included a plastic glass of red wine. Although I didn't do much it was nice to get to know the town a bit and enjoyed the stay in the most lovely hotel. Which would be great for vintage pictures, if I had a proper camera.