29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

not yet

My hair! what a dilemma. When I was 15 everybody used to say that my hair was beautiful and perfect. It was long, light brown , straight from the top and slightly curly at the bottom. But I never really liked my hair so I started dyeing it and using straightener, results = well you can imagine. I had red hair, black, blonde, black and blonde at the same time and highlights. As it got really damaged I had to cut it really short. That was the end of the world for me, and yeah I did know it was my fault. Now it's getting a bit long (hopefully). I wish it was longer though. But to be honest I still hate my hair, I'm just hoping someday I will like it, perhaps when I stop damaging it.

Flashback Friday: Low on Time?

This is one of the easiest hairstyle you'll find on here - which is nice when you are low on time! 
Simply grab your favorite hair clip and comb one side of hair, just above the ear, up toward the center of the head.  Secure it in place with the hair clip and you're finished. 
 The rest of the hair can be straight or curly and it looks beautiful either way.

28 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

Pulled Uneven 5-Strand

I do these Uneven 5-Strand Braids quite often because I really like the look of them.  Here are some of my original attempts at this braid.  
This one is just a bit different because I pulled at the large plates throughout the braid.This popped them out just a bit and gave the braid a swirled look.  I loved the outcome and thought you may like to try it as well!

27 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

three rounds and a sound

briefcase, shoes, top, primark - skirt, next

I am about to savour a great carrot cake with chocolate frosting. I think I could also get myself a cup of tea. Well today I went to Oxford st. and Notting Hill. The amount of people shopping is unbelivable and also unbearable, I bet it's due to the royal wedding. I even thought about going to see it on Friday but I guess watching it comfortably from a tv screen will be way better than on a crowd of people, I bet I would end up seeing only a bit of a barouche. I actually heard Kate will arrive by car though. What a pity, horse-drawn carriages are so beautiful. Anyway, I wish you a good night, xx

26 Nisan 2011 Salı

Ready for tea and flowers

I got my film roll developed, and here are some prints, not really good once the light meter is not working.

Railroad Tracks

Begin by parting the hair in half from ear to ear.  Tie the bottom half into an elastic to get it out of the way.
 Now start over by the left ear and start forming a Dutch Braid.
 I have only added hair to the top/right side of my braid but you can do a regular Dutch Braid and add hair into both sides if you like. 
When you have gathered all of the hair from the top half of the head, finish braiding the hair next to the right ear.  Take the elastic out of the bottom section of hair and repeat the steps.
You should end up with to braids next to the right ear.  Go ahead and cross one braid over the other and then pull the bottoms of the braids back up to the head. 
 Bobby pin them into place and flip the ends of the hair out.  It helps to wet the ends and then curl them over your fingers.
  Now you have your railroad tracks!

Annie Hall (1977)

25 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

My Rollercoaster

dungarees skirt from portobello market, cap from asos, bag from MIMCO.

I was too lazy to go through the picture selection process, so I decided to post all of them, well actually I took a few more in a fun fair, but it would be a lot to upload. I went to Hampstead Heath today and, oh what I lovely sunny day, a bit windy though. I had candy floss, burgers + soda , yeah healthy eating hah.

22 Nisan 2011 Cuma

On my desk

I recently received a pack from MIMCO with lovely things as you can see in the first picture,which includes camera filters and vougues pattern pack, plus a fantastic bag which I will be showing you guys soon. These are the things I have lying on my desk at the moment, along with my unfinished boring drawings ha!

Flashback Friday: Barrell Roll Bun

Even at age 4 she was into looking "elegant".  This is a really simple bun that gives that "wow" effect. 
Start with wet hair and pull it all up into a high ponytail.  Now divide the ponytail into 6 even pieces.  Comb each piece straight up in the air and then roll it down - over itself - into the head.  Secure it into place with bobby pins. 
 Do that for ever piece and then you can place a ribbon around the bun or flowers in it like we've done here.  These are little spiral clips that we just twisted into the top of the bun.

21 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

A Little Something EGGstra

We first saw this hairstyle last year over at Cute Girl Hairstyles.  I've been dying to try it ever since but I had to wait for Easter to come back around.  :) 
Start off by parting the hair down the middle.  We've used a zig-zag part but any part will work.  Now secure each side with an elastic so that you now have two piggies. 
 Choose your colors of eggs that you will be using before hand and try to have the same colors of elastics.  If you don't have coordinating elastics you can use clear ones.  Also, my princess has pretty long hair so we were able to fit 3 eggs on each side but you can also use two or only one. 
Begin with one side and then just repeat the steps on the second side once the first is finished.  Separate the ponytail into 5 equal sections and tie an elastic around each section - about 1/2 inch below the original elastic. 
This is where I changed it up a bit and added a second layer of elastics for each egg.  Using the netting effect, add five more elastics another 1/2 inch down. 
 Once all 10 colored elastics are in, you can slide your egg into place.  Gather all the hair together under the egg and secure it in with another elastic.  Now you're ready to move onto the next color. 
Simply repeat the steps with the elastics, place your egg and secure it again by gathering all the hair under the egg and tying in an elastic.  Do the same for your third egg if you have one and you are all finished! 
This hairstyle was a real hit at school and she was even able to use it a second day.  We just removed the eggs and she had really cool netted ponytails.
  Also, here are some fun Easter clips that we made and you can use any ideas that you like!