31 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe

30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Back & Forth Puffy Braids

This style is a variation on one of our favorites, Puffy Braids.  You will be creating a series of horizontal parts as usual but the difference is that there is no vertical part down the center.
Start by creating a horizontal part from ear to ear and making a small section of hair along the bang line.  Secure it into an elastic that is pulled to the left side.  Now create a parallel part behind the first that you will secure into an elastic over on the left side. 
Create a 2 inch braid out of your left ponytail and have your princess hold it while you create a third parallel part/section.  Pull that section over to the left as well and add in the braid before securing it with a new elastic.  (Your braid will be lying over the top of your second section that is over on the right.)
Now move over to your right ponytail and create a 2 inch braid out of that as well.  Create a 4th part/section and pull it to the right where you will add in that braid and secure it with an elastic.
Now move back to the left and repeat the pattern back and forth from left to right. 
When you get to the bottom of the hair you will have one braid that ends higher than the other.  Finish off your final ponytails with Regular 3-Strand Braids and you are all finished! 

25 Mayıs 2012 Cuma

Today beautiful day - Friday.
Splendid sunny day, breeze, oh windy and hot.
I walked down the streets of East Sheen carrying a big Margarite pot.
I also drank Corona beer and now tipsy I lay here.


24 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe

Friday's Film: Python Piggies

(This is a day early but we are headed out of town for Memorial Weekend and I wanted to get this up for you!)
Here's a fun hairstyle that is not too hard but does take a good 15 minutes to complete.  Start with wet hair and make sure you have a Topsy Tail or similar tool handy. 
You can make your top section that you keep out as big or as small as you like depending on what you want your wraps to look like. 
Here is the finished product.
This angle shows you what the top looks like as you begin to wrap the hair around.
This one also shows the way we created our parts.
Very easy and really cute!

23 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Basket Weaving

Here's a new one that we came up with today that is basically just a variation on our Swedish Piggies.  It looks difficult doesn't it!  That's the beauty of it, this is one of the most simple hairstyles to create!  We've called it "Basket Weaving" because that's exactly what it looks like but there is no weaving involved - thank goodness! 
You can start with wet hair or dry hair but I do find that the ends sty in place better with wet hair.  Make a small part coming off of your bang line that is about 2-3 inches long. 
It can be right in the center or off to ones side like we've done here.  I like how the bags look "swept" this way.  Now comb the remaining hair straight back. 
Gather a section on each side of your part going down to the ear and secure those sections into little piggies using elastics. 
You now have two new pieces of hair that you are going to work with.  Simply cross them over each other at the back of the head (over the rest of the hair) and tie a half knot.  (The first step when tying your shoelaces.) 
 Have your princess hold the left side while you gather a small section of hair on the right side just below that first elastic.  Secure the right side of your half knot in with that small section by using another elastic.  Do the same over on the left side.  You've now made the top of your "basket". 
You still have two pieces of hair to work with and you are going to cross those over each other to create a half knot once again and just repeat the steps as before.  Continue this process down the head until you have gathered all of the hair in from the sides of the head.  You may still have some hair hanging down and you can divide that in half and add it to each final piggie by securing them with elastics.  The style gives the really cool effect of being woven together when really it's just stacked.
  Told you it was simple!  

22 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Papa is sick laying in bed, mama is sad on her old blue suit

I've been sick, so ill. Fortunately I'm starting to feel better. Today was really warm and sunny so I decided to take a few pictures. Shorts and shirt from Camden Market . I guess I've been wearing shorts a lot lately. I might wear it even more as it feels like summer :)

21 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Hair Flowers

These beautiful Hair Flowers are courtesy of Jenn over at Girly Do's by Jenn and she is absolutely amazing.  The link to her official post for these flowers can be found here and it includes a tutorial video!
we did a simple style for church that incorporated these flowers and this is what it looked like.
First I pulled the bangs back and secured them under the hair, by the nape of the neck.  I then created 3 parallel sections on the top of the head and secured each one with an elastic. 
 My flowers ended up being larger than I had anticipated so I only created flowers out of my two outside sections.   I also added some twisty flower hair pins into the center of each flower.  (Don't forget to click here to see the instructional video on how to create these flowers.)  
We finished off the back of her hair by straightening it and then curling her ends under.
She looked beautiful and everyone loved the flowers.  Thanks Jenn!