11 Mayıs 2012 Cuma

Friday's Films: French 4-Strand & French 5-Strand

We've had more than a few requests for these videos so I'm finally getting them up for you. 
First of all we have the French 4-Strand:
 Hopefully that makes sense for you and will help.
Here's a picture of the finished French 4-Strand.  This is cool because it's half a French Braid and half a Dutch Braid!
You can see that this side is the "French" half.
And this side is the "Dutch" half.
We just finished it off with a 4-Strand Braid and secured it with an elastic. 
Next we have the French 5-Strand:
The fingering it definitely a bit more tricky as you plait this braid but it is one that gets much better after a couple practices.
Here's a picture of one of our finished French 5-Strand hairstyles and you can find the original post for this one here.
There is also this hairstyle that we did a couple weeks ago and it's a diagonal French 5-Strand.  That original post is here.

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