7 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Mother's Day Flower

I thought this would be a great hairstyle for Mother's Day because it's a simple flower and what mother doesn't love a flower on that special day?!  :)
Begin by pulling half of the hair back and secure it in with an elastic. 
Now go ahead and pull out little sections of that new ponytail and Barrel Roll them into the head and then secure them with bobby pins.  (You can see a video tutorial on how to do a Barrel Roll here.)  Keep sectioning out the rest of that ponytail and creating a ring of Barrel Rolls out of them but make sure to keep one small section in the very center of the ponytail separate. 
Once all of the rolls are made you will take that center section and twist it as tightly as you can.  When you can't possibly twist it anymore, let it twist itself up into a "worm" in the center of your flower.  You can bobby pin that into place as well and then hide the bobby pin with some hair from your Barrel Rolls.  Now you've got a beautiful flower just perfect for Mother's Day!

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