9 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

A Rose for Mother

This is our version of a little rose on the back of the head especially for mom on Mother's Day.
  Begin by sectioning out the hair on the top of the head from ear to ear.  Go ahead and create a part in that new section so that you end up with two halves.  Plait each half into a Regular 3-Strand Braid and secure them at the ends with elastics.  Now pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail.  Break that ponytail into two equal sections and braid each of those as well.  You should now have 4 braids.
  Take your two top-side braids and cross them over the top of the middle elastic and then wrap them around each other in no particular order so that it makes a bun with the middle two braids still hanging down in the center.  The ends of your braids should be flaring out underneath the bun and you can secure them together with another elastic. 
Now take your right center braid over the bun and tuck it underneath the right side braid that is coming across the head.  Do the same with the left side as well.  Form them both into little leaves on the side of your bun and then wrap the remainder of those braids in with the rest of the bun to create your rose.  Have the ends of those two braids flare out underneath the bun as well and secure those in with the other ends by using one last elastic.  Tie a colored ribbon over those elastics to hide them and you're all set!

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