29 Temmuz 2011 Cuma

Flashback Friday: Pinkalicious Hair

This is our final Flashbck Friday post.  :)  It has been fun and hopefully you've enjoyed them as well!
My princess insisted that we include this post in our blog because it's one of her favorite pictures EVER!  :)
  Her school had a special day where the kids got to dress up as their favorite story book character and my princess chose Pinkalicious.  (Along with several other little girls at the school!)  Because this is a hair blog I will tell you that we created two side piggies and then used the waver to give them some dimension.  Pretty simple to get a Pinkalicious hairstyle!

28 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe

My late night post

Tired body but awake mind, keeping me from falling asleep.´Whatever, this is going to be my last post this week. Hopefully I will be partying the whole weekend. I was planning even to get a bit drunk. The thing is I am not a funny drunk, I get sleepy. Although it depends a lot, beer makes me sleep, wine makes me laugh. I have no idea why but each arise such reactions on myself. Besides eating, reading, watching tv, feeding my cats, being anti-social and going shopping every day, I discovered how much public transportation is annoying and how I lack patience these days.

See you, metaphorically.

Styling your hair with a scarf.

And that is how my hair looks without extensions :(

Scarf from Roamkix.

Today I had a little experiment styling my hair with a scarf. Most of the hairstyles are pretty easy to do. I bet you can simply get how it is done just by observing the pictures. It all consists in exploring your imagination,though they are really simple and common. The first one is simply done by wrapping your hair around along with the scarf and then pin it on a bun. And the braided one, it is basically done by pretending the scarf is a layer of hair and plaiting along. Which one is your favourite?

27 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

Ow, I guess I have never uploaded so many pictures in one single post. But I could not choose only one image and I actually can never post only one outfit picture. I don't know I always feel like posting at least three pictures.

Today I'm wearing a birdy shirt from Chillp, it is worth checking their collections. They are simple yet lovely. Jeans and bag from Primark and New Look suede boots, oh and the crochet cardigan is from Camden market.


We use these all the time but I've never down an official post on these overnight curlers.  They are called Curlformers and their link is here. 
They are really fast to put in and they don't create the tight curls that the small pink sponge curlers do.  My princess think that the larger curls are more "grown up".  :)  I start right after she's had a shower or bath so that the hair is completely wet.
  I style the hair the way I want first and then I put the curlers in. 
 You can either have your princess sleep in the curlers overnight or just keep them in for about 3 hours to dry.  
 They hair was styled before you put the curlers in so you don't have to worry about ruining your curls. 
Our style here was a simple Pull-Through on the top of the head and then I pulled half of the hair up in the back.  I made sure not to include that Pull-Through in my half-up hair because I wanted the curls hanging down.
The end result are beautiful, soft curls that will last the whole day through! 
 I've only been able to find these at Sally's but I've also heard that they have a knock-off brand on Ebay.  :)

26 Temmuz 2011 Salı

I haven't slept at all in days.

As you can see in these pictures I have my flash fixed. Actually I did not. I bought a portable fashgun instead. I'm wearing my favourite vest from camden market, topshop skirt and jeans jacket from somewhere I can't recall, and new look boots that doesnt actually appear in the pictures.

a song

25 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

The Lovely Bones (2009)

3-Tiered Braid

Here is a very simple style that can be down in less than 5 minutes for those mornings where you have to get right out the door. 
Start by pulling the hair half up and securing it with an elastic. 
 Now go ahead and make a 3-Strand Braid out of the ponytail but make sure to only plate it 3 times. 
 Now add in another bit of hair to the two outside strands of the braid and plate it another 3 times. 
Finally you will want to add in the last remaining hair to the two outside strand of the braid and then plate the hair all the way to the bottom and secure it with an elastic.  It is a form of a French Braid but it is not meant to be tight.  It should have a bit of a loose look. 
Pretty easy huh!
(You may also notice that my princess has earrings now!  She's very excited about it!)