5 Temmuz 2011 Salı

Can I be fixed?

The radio plays a song from the film '1408'. I like the song, but it always reminds me of that film. And that is not a nice film to be thinking of at night time. I'm not scared anyway. I'm just lying on my bed in a really uncomfortable position. I've got only one pillow and my hands burn as I touch them on the overheated laptop which is placed on a cushion over my lap. I have just finished watching a film called'Just Friends'. And I can't sleep. It has just stopped raining, Unfortunately. Besides staring at this screen for the whole night I drink coffee. Okay I just decided to talk about my day now. Sorry! but I want to, read it if you want to.

I went to the hospital in the morning with my mother. She went to get her mamography results. Hopefully everything is fine with her. But while we were waiting to see the doctor. I heard a talk between the doctor and some patient's relatives. They were crying, and I heard them saying something regarding to Chemotherapy. It was a really sad thing to see. Specially because it was in the pediatric section. That made me want to live my life in a intense way. Besides I just finished reading the book called 'Before I fall'. Dying young is actually sad. So I will definetely stop complaining about my life! (at least for a while.) I guess I feel positive today.

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