18 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

Securing A Stretch Band

My princess loves wearing the stretch headbands but I've always hated them because I can never get them to stay in place.  After a few trials and errors we finally found our solution. 
I usually start by creating a small, off-centered part in the bangs and I brush them towards the ears. 
I then pull a bit of hair next to each ear forward before placing the headband on the head. 
 Get your headband in place and then pull the two pieced of hair over the band and secure it with another small piece of hair behind the elastic.  Use a small elastic to join the two pieces on each side. 
 Now lift all the hair up and pull a small section of hair out from underneath the band right at the nape of the neck.  Pull it over the band and secure it with s bit of hair under the band with an elastic.  Once these three elastics are in place, the band will not go anywhere! 
You can leave it like this or finish of the hair however you like. 
We've done a Corkscrew next to each ear that we joined in the back of the head with an elastic. 
I straightened the rest of her hair and then added a flower clip to hide the elastic.  Her hair looked as good at the end of the day as it did at the start!  Hope this tip helps!

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