6 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Rose Headband

This is really a simple hairstyle but it's so fun to look at and it's a pretty one for church or a night out.  You can do it with or without a headband but we had a band that matched her dress that day so we decided to use it. 
Your first step is to straighten all of the hair - or curl it all. 
Next you'll want to create a 2 inch part off from the bangs - making sure it's a bit off-centered.  Now section out the hair from that part all the way over to the farthest ear. 
Comb that small section of hair forward and place your headband over the rest of the hair. 
Now divide that section that you pulled forward into two section and create a 3-Strand Braid out of each section.  Secure those braids at the ends with elastics and get some bobby pins handy. 
Now simply roll the braids around themselves over the headband.  (One on each side of your flower on your headband.) 
 Tuck the loose ends under the rolled braid and secure them down with bobby pins. 
Give them a good spray with hair spray to hold and you're all finished!

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