11 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

Upside Down Updo

I love this hairstyle because it works perfectly for dance recitals and we have lots of those around here!
I start with wet hair and have my princess lay on her bed with her head hanging over the edge so I can braid upside down.  Begin by parting the hair horizontally across the middle of the head - from ear to ear.  Clip aside the hair that is up by the face and only work with the half by the neck. 
 Create a French Braid and when you've gathered all the hair from the bottom half of the head just finish off the braid and secure it with an elastic. 
 Pull the hair on the top half of the head tightly into an elastic and create 2 Regular 3-Strand Braids. 
 Now wrap all three of your braids around each other and secure them all down with bobby pins. 
Make sure that your loose ends are tucked underneath the wrapped braids. 
Spray it with hairspray for a nice tight hold.  We also sprayed a bit of glitter in her hair for the performance.
  Add some flower clips wherever you like and it's finished!

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