12 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Rib Cage Braid Bun

*Note* Thank you so much for your comments on the last video and I will be searching for a better place to film that has more light!  I agree that video was much too dark.  I was trying to do it in a location where my 3 younger boys would not bother us as much but there is just not enough natural light so the upcoming films should be better!  :)
Today we are implementing that Rib Cage Braid in this hairstyle.
Start with wet hair and pull it all back into a high ponytail. 
Separate the ponytail into 3 equal sections and create a Rib Cage Braid out of each section.  (Remember to braid all the way down to the very ends of the hair before securing it with an elastic.)
 Pull the top bit of your braids up above the ponytail elastic and pin them into the hair so that the elastic is hidden.  Pulling up top of the braid is also what helps to flair out the "Rib Cage" part of your braid. 
Now pull the bottom of the braids up under the main elastic and pin them into place.  I have rolled these ones twice because my princess has quite long hair but that is optional.
Flair out the bits of your braid if you need to and then give it a squirt of hairspray for hold. 
You can leave it just plain or add a hair accessory to the top.  This hairstyle held really well and she was even taken down to the office at her school so they could take a picture.  (That made her whole day!)  

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