9 Ağustos 2011 Salı

Hair Weave

This is really pretty but only works with longer hair - sorry all you cute little shorties out there!  This style is darling with either straight hair or curls.  Start with a small off-centered part in the front of the hair just so that you have definite sides.
Now move to the larger side and gather two sections from the hair line, just above the ear.  Have your princess hold the lower section while you begin with the upper section.  Weave it in and out of the hair using a Topsy Tail if you like or you can just use your fingers to life sections of hair as needed.  Go all the way around the back of the hair and then over to the opposite ear.
Secure the end of the hair with bobby pins.  Grab the lower section of hair from your princess and weave that around as well - making sure to alternate from the previous weave.  Secure that at the opposite ear with bobby pins.  (I tucked the bobby pins under some of the hanging hair to try and hide them.) 
You could do this with many more than two strand and really have a beautiful weave but it was bedtime for us so we had to stop with only two.  :) 

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