1 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi

No Go Without A Bow

We've used several little bows in this hairstyle and you can never go wrong with a bow in your princess's hair.  
Start by parting out a section of hair in the front from ear to ear. 
 Now part that section into two pieces making sure the part is off-centered. 
Create one Pull-Through out of the smaller section and two Pull-Throughs out of the larger section. 
Separate the Pull-Through on the smaller section into two pieces and create a Corkscrew and then have your princess hold it while you move to the other side.      
On the larger section, create a Corkscrew out of the two Pull-Throughs.  Combine the two Corkscrews at the back of the head with an elastic.
Now you'll want to grab your little bows.  We bought some pre-made bows in the craft section at Walmart and then just glued some hair pins to the back.  
Gather the combined Corkscrews along with the rest of the hair into a low pony and secure it with an elastic.
You can finish off your ponytail however you like but we've done a Fish Bone braid for 2 inches, tied it with an elastic and then left the hair straight for 2 inches and added another elastic.  We just continued that pattern until we reached the bottom of the ponytail.  When we were finished we slipped our ribbon pins into place.

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