1 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

(Pictures I took for my project named Superstitions).

Good night. I will start this post by saying how tired I feel, gosh I'm knackered. My legs hurt and my arms, I guess its due to the things I did today. I'm gonna tell you about my day. But don't get excited cause it wasnt good or glamorous.(a glamours day? haha glamours sounds corny).

07:16 I got up, grouchy as usual.. I did dress up fast but I take ages to leave the house I dont know why but I dont like leaving, I procrastinate.

08:30 Waiting for the bus, I always miss it, when i turn the corner the bus is already there in the bus stop. I never run to get it, because drivers are MEAN, yes they might be unhappy with their job our personal life so they are not nice, if I run to get it they will close the door and leave and I will be like ' Fine I am not in a hurry anyway, I dont mind waiting for the next one.

09:00 I went to the post office, I wonder if someday I will arive at the post office and there wont be a queue, there is always a line of people, ALWAYS.

09:10 Went to get the bus to go to college, when the bus arrives I feel like I am in a jungle, people are not civilized when busses arrive at the bus stop, everyone wants to be the first to get in, so they act like animals pushing and etc. Some of them take too long to touch their oyster cards or to move down inside the bus. I found an available seat on the upper deck. Feeling tired I almost leaned my head against the glass window, that was when I looked at the glass and reminded myself that I should never do it because the glass is always dirty, there is always something like a white greasy liquid on it. I bet its something from peoples head, disgusting. I dont know if its due to the fact that people dont wash their heads or to some kinda of gel they use.

10:00 Arrived at college, didnt get the elevator I always climb the stairs. My classroom is in the third floor. Although climbing rounds of stairs makes me tired its better than getting the lift I dont think its really safe.

12:09 Lunch time, I went down to Costa (there is a costa in my college in the foyer)the coffee is cheaper there.

12:19 Got the bus to Camden Town, bought a skirt and pancakes.. oh haribo too. Then I got the bus to a part time job at hair salon. At work I haven't done much cause there wasnt much to be done.

04:50 Went back home, oh how good is going back home. Although when I got home I did a spring cleaning on my wardrobe and in my room; The results are my tired weak poor body, but the room is really comfy though.

Now its 00:55 and I am editing pictures for a project. I cant sleep even though I am so tired. I cant really understand it haha! Anyway have a good night and thanks for those who always comment on my posts, I like reading your comments and by the way I will stop being lazy and try to write more and reply to you guys or at least my emails.

Ps: Aah I found a four-leaf- clover today :)

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