11 Kasım 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: Hair Pin Tutorial

I've had a request for a video showing how to make the hair pins that we use in several of our hairstyles.  They are very simple, very fast, and very affordable to make.  You will need some unused hairpins or bobby pins, a glue gun, & a flower/notion/ribbon for your focal point.
I told you there were easy!
Here's a finished product from the one I made on the video.
They are so fast to make that I was able to finish all of these in about 30 minutes.  I make sure to always have multiples of the same kind because I use all of them in certain hairstyles.  (I found these cute little knitted flowers on Etsy.com and they were super cheap.)
Here are some other examples of pins that I've made.  (You may recognize some from hairstyles we've posted.)  I just keep them in these little craft boxes from Walmart and they stay nice and organized.
Here are just a few of the hairstyles we've used these in:

The Rose Bowl

Baptism Picture Hair

No Go Without A Bow

Pot O' Gold

Double Layered Bun
As you can see, there are lots of ways to use them and they look great in adults as well as kids! 
Happy hair pin making!

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