4 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba

Swedish Piggies

Here is a hairstyle that we came up with one morning and it is one of my new favorites.  You will want to make sure that you start with wet hair and you can use a hair gel to help it hold if your princess has finer hair.  This style works best if the bang are grown out but you can also modify it if your princess has bangs that hang on her forehead.
Create a short, off-centered part at the front of the head and comb the bang area down toward each ear.  Comb the rest of the hair straight back. 
Begin with the left side of your part and comb the front bang area down by the ear and then around the back of the head and over behind the right ear. 
Gather a portion of the bangs from the right side of your part and combine that with your left section by securing it with an elastic just behind the right ear.  You should now have one small pony on the right side of the head and the rest of the hair still remaining down. 
 Grab a small section of hair from the right side now - from under the previous section and elastic - and smooth it across the head and over to the left side.  Grab a small section of hair from that left side to add to your new right piece and secure them together with an elastic.  You will now grab another section of hair from the left side and this time you will comb it over to the right and secure it into that ponytail that is already there with another elastic. 
 Keep doing this back and forth across the head so that you begin to have a swept look.   Once all of the hair has been gathered you are finished and should have only two piggies remaining.  You can leave the piggies loose like we've done here or finish them off with braids or curls. 

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