13 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

Friday's Film: Flower Buns

My princess absolutely loves this new style and has requested to wear it again already.  These darling buns form the perfect flower.  You can always do just one bun instead of two as well. 
See how easy that was!  It looks great with hair that's not as long also but you may want to divide your ponytail into more than just 4 sections so you get lots of "petals". 
Here's a view of the zig-zag part we used.  Feel free to use any part you like. 
You can see that our flower has several petals because of how long my princess's hair is.
I've gone ahead and tucked all my final ends up into the bun but you could leave them shooting out which is also cute.
The flowers are going to look different every time you do this hairstyle but they are always cute!
You can tell that this is her new favorite style!  :)

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