10 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Super-Sized Bun

I love experimenting with new supplies and tools so it's always fun to find a new little gadget.
I was out shopping the other day when I came across a super-sized bun mold at Claire's. 
 I bought this more specifically for myself but my princess wanted to wear it in her hair for church. 
I loved how it looked in her hair and we had several compliments on how elegant she looked.  
You definitely need hair past shoulder length for this bun mold because it requires lots of hair to cover it.  Start by simply pulling all of the hair back into a ponytail.  (The best results come from using wet hair.)  It can be a low, high or a side ponytail - it doesn't really matter.  Now slip the mold over the entire ponytail and the elastic.  Have your princess tip her head down and spread the hair evenly around the mold with a comb.
  Secure it into place by slipping another elastic over the hair and the mold.  Take the excess hair and divide it into at least 3 sections and twist or braid them.  Wrap those sections around the base of the bun mold and bobby pin them into the mold to secure them.  
You can either have your tiny little ends flare out or tuck them under to conceal them like we've done here.  Add a flower clip on the side if you like and it's finished.     

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