22 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Church Curls

Here's a really simple hairstyle that's great for those times when you want something a little more elegant. 
Start by separating a section of hair about 1/2 inch thick along the bang line.  Now grab your favorite headband and slip it into the hair just behind that divided section. 
Divide the section of hair into two pieces making sure that one is larger than the other. 
 Start with the smaller side and create a French Twist (a Corkscrew that gathers hair as it grows) with the first part of the hair and then move into a Corkscrew.  Have your princess hold it while you move to the other side. 
 Because this section is larger, you will divide it in half and create two Corkscrews.  The top Corkscrew will begin with a French Twist as well but the bottom will just be a Corkscrew alone. 
Pull all three Corkscrews to the back of the head and join them together with an elastic.  We finished off the look by adding curls with a ringlet curling iron.  We sprayed it really well for hold and her hair was beautiful all day long.

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