30 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

good morning sheriff? ... Shut up

Today morning I had latte and donuts, i like people who likes white coffee :)

The title of this post today is actually from a movie which I can remember the name. There's this scene where a guy says
good morning to the sheriff and he says shut up in a ignoring funny way and unfortunately that's how I feel every morning
( I'm the sheriff in this case) I mean at night time I am full of energy, exciting, I laugh and joke at everyone and everything but in the mornings and even afternoons I am quite boring haha I simply don't like talking.. and I hope some people understand this .. but I hate 'happy' people in the morning , you know those people that are always talking a lot and laughing out loud, making stupid jokes and that annoying sense of humour.. but what I just can't take is happy whistling people, haha ok sorry

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