19 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

Go Utes!

In honor of this weekends fabulous game, we decided to come up with a Utah Utes "U" hairstyle.  (Sorry all of you BYU fans!)   :)  We had church the day after the game and we've had a friendly rivalry going on with some of our church members.  Of course, we had to rub in our victory just a bit!  :)  Our whole family wore red to church and we came up with this red "U" for my princess's hair.  *This is one hairstyle that I'm PLEASED to say was not well received by some!*
I started by dividing the hair in half with a part and we chose to do a zig-zag part.  Next, I pulled each side up into a ponytail and then finished them off with a 3-Strand Braid.  I secured each braid at the end with a clear elastic and then I took those elastics across to the opposite side and secured them into the top of the other braid.  I found the best way to secure them was to lift part of the original top elastic and feed the bottom end of the other through. 
 I then bobby-pinned the ends under the braids.  I wrapped some red ribbon around the two braids and tucked the ends of the ribbon through the elastics to hold it in place. 
 Our finishing touch were the coordinating ribbons.  :) 
For those of you that are BYU fans, you can check out this style:
I call it the Wish it was a "U" Instead of a "Y". 
It would be cute with blue ribbon wrapped around it as well. 

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