14 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba


We were running a bit late for church this last week so we had to come up with a hairstyle that was fast!  We call this one "FAN"cy because it looks like a fan on top.  :)
Start by dividing the hair from one ear to the other and securing the top half into an elastic. 
 Now take a small section from that ponytail and bend it up in a horseshoe shape above the elastic.  Bobby pin it into place over the elastic. 
 Continue doing this with section of hair from the ponytail until all of your ponytail has been "horseshoed" and bobby pinned. 
You will end up with the ends from your ponytail hanging down over the remaining hair and a fan effect above the elastic. 
 Grab a hair clip to place over the bobby pins and hide them.  We've used some decorative hair pins here.  (Quite a few of them because my princess wanted them ALL in - you don't need this many to get the job done.)  :) 
This only took about 5 minutes to complete and we were ready to head out the door.  

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