23 Aralık 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: Hair Tinsel

I've been dying to get this post up for a while now because it's just so much fun.  We've saved it for Christmas time because it's easy to find tinsel around this time of year. 
This is the tinsel that we've used in the video and it is specifically for hair.  I couldn't find it at any of the beauty stores but I was able to get it online through Ebay.  It's nice because it is super thin and blends right in with the hair.  It can also be washed and styled right along with your regular hair and can withstand dryers and irons.  Regular Christmas tinsel can be used for just a fast temporary style but do not use any heat on it and I recommend that you not leave it in the hair for more than a day.  It is a bit thicker as well which makes it a bit harder to attach but it can be done and it look so cute!

It's really important to get your tinsel tied in as close to the scalp as possible to get the most natural look.  (It gets easier each time you apply it)
I made sure to place the tinsel along her natural part and also keep it even on both sides.
The tinsel we have here will last up to two weeks in the hair so you will probably see it in a couple future posts.  :)  It took about 20 minutes total for all the strands but that wasn't much time considering.
We purchased the "sparkle" tinsel because I loved the way the light refracted off of it but you can get the regular metallic as well and it comes in all sorts of colors. 
This hairstyle would be great for a soccer/dance/cheerleading team or when going out to a game because you can choose the perfect colors to show your support!
The pictures don't do it justice because you just need to see it in person but - trust me - it is beautiful!

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