5 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

Holiday Hairstyles: Rudolph

We are starting a new segment called "Holiday Hairstyles" that we will be doing though the month of December.  We have some fun ideas for you so keep checking back!  This on is our Rudolph style and it's very simple.
 These are ideas for supplies that you can use.  You may substitute the bun mold for a rolled sock and the reindeer hair clips are optional as well.  The nose and the eyes are just glued to hairpins.  The antlers are just brown pipe cleaners and you don't have to attach them to anything.
Start by pulling all of the hair tightly back into a ponytail.  (Wet hair works best.)
Pull the bun mold or sock over your ponytail and then spread the hair evenly over the mold.  Grab a second elastic and secure it over the top of the hair and the mold. 
Take any hair that is remaining and breaking it up into sections that you will twist.  Wrap those twists around the base of your mold and secure them in using bobby pins. 
Now grab your nose and eyes and place them where you like.  I find that the nose looks best right in the middle of the bun.
Finally you will go ahead and stick your antlers in on the top.  We poked our into the twists at the base of the bun but you can also put them right into the mold if you like!

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