2 Aralık 2011 Cuma

Friday's Film: KNOTty or Nice

It's going to sound completely crazy but this hairstyle totally came to me in a dream!  :)  How sad is it that I'm dreaming about hairstyles!  We call it the "KNOTty or Nice" because of the knots and also because it's the first Friday in December!
Pretty easy huh!
Here are some pictures of the finished product and I really like how it turned out.
This is the one that we did on the video and it's a Regular KNOTty or Nice style where the knots have not been pulled at all.
This is a Pulled KNOTty or Nice style.
The knots have been pulled really tightly and the excess hair drapes at the sides. 
Here is a side view of that.
This hairstyle is very versatile and this is what it looks like if you pull at the knots a bit and just play with the shape of it.
You'll notice that your hair below your final elastic may seem longer than with a normal braid and that's because your knots use up some of the length from your other strand so you'll have to secure it a bit higher.
Have fun playing around with it and seeing which way you like it best!

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