25 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

Pretzel Knot & Piggies

Full Credit for this hairstyle needs to be given to Princess Hairstyles for this post.  It's called the Pretzel Knot and it's what inspired this hairstyle.  I first saw this Pretzel Knot here on Pinterest and then followed it to the Princess Hairstyles site where she has a fabulous tutorial video posted!
 When I first attempted the knot I had a hard time trying to keep my side strands secure so I started mine a bit differently and it helped me a lot.  I started by creating a small 2 inch part at the front of the head just a bit off-centered.  I then created a section on each side going from the part down to the ear. 
 I secured each side with an elastic next to the ear and this helped to hold my piece I was working with a little better and this made all the difference.  I then divided the remaining hair into two equal sides and set them aside for a moment.   
I brought those to pieces to the back of the head and create the Pretzel Knot as instructed by Princess Hairstyles video found here.  At this point I had my knot made but it looked as though it was loosening a bit so I decided to secure it. 
 I took my right end of hair from my knot and added it in with that right half of hair that I had previously sectioned out and secure it all into a piggie using an elastic.  I did the same on the left side as well.  Now my knot was tightly secured and was not loosening at all.
I created a 5-Strand Braid out of each piggie and secured it at the bottom with an elastic.  I finished it off by adding some flower clips and calling it good.  When she got home after a long day at school the hair looked just as great as when she had left!  (That's not always the case with my active daughter.)  :)  

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