9 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Simple Half Inverted Pull-Through

Here's a VERY simple hairstyle that is not really "original" but it's one I thought I'd throw out there for those mornings when you want something cute but don't have a lot of time.
 It's simply an Inverted Pull-Through using only half the hair.
Start by styling the hair how you would like - curls, straightening, etc.  We had some waves from braids the day before that we used.
Section the hair out from ear to ear and pull that top area into an elastic.   
Now grab your Topsy Tail and poke it upwards underneath the elastic.  Feed the hair through the loop and pull it up and through.  (Creating and Inverted Pull-Through as opposed to the regular Pull-Through.)     
Spread the hair out a bit so that it's evenly falling down.  Now your elastic is hidden and you have a cute little "poof" in the middle of the head.
Nice and simple yet different from an everyday look.  :)

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