13 Ekim 2013 Pazar

What is in my bag?

Sundays. Raining Sundays are good for staying home watching films and feeling depressed due to the fact that you expected a better Sunday or that you will face Monday. This Sunday I occupied my mind reading books and organizing my wardrobe. Taking away my summery dresses in order to have some room for all the coats. I also took the time to tidy up my bag. Having this new purse encouraged me to get it neat. It is not exactly a bag. It is in fact a laptop case but, I will surely use it as a purse, the same way I sometimes wear dresses as skirts. If you are interested you can design it your own. I used my 'flowers' picture (which the flowers are now, currently, on my wall) and my 'house' sketch. It's now 01:10. It's Monday..feels quite the same. click here for Snupped

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