11 Şubat 2014 Salı

Fit in - drag along.

So, I alight at the station and try to walk through the crowd. I try but it is hard. People are in a hurry, yet they're not wise enough to position themselves. Slow people..in general, incompetent walkers. The streets are full of them. I surely am one of them now and then. I almost bump into a guy who is happily waving an old yellow cloth next to his stand. I whisper a sorrrr..too late, i am already gone. I keep walking, it is exhausting. It is simple and so exhausting. Ahead, a bunch of teenagers can be heard shouting and laughing, bumping into each other with excitement. Their backpacks could probably leave a bruise on anyone's arm if one got hit with it. I am in the center of egoism and hurry. I finally catch the train. I finally alight at my final stop and like everyone else I go up the alley. I and, all the people going up that alley. Men in suits coming back from work, heading to their houses. We all look like cows being lead out of the pasture into the freestall barns. And, let's repeat it..tomorrow.

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