13 Şubat 2014 Perşembe

My personality is 30% the last movie I watched.

I just saw that one sentence on Tumblr and, that surely describes me quite well. If you bother to read the rare texts I write here you will confirm this in a snap of fingers. By the way, I can't snap my fingers. It is a limitation of mine, one of the many I bitterly embrace. Yes, I embrace it, because at some point you realize there's nothing else you can do but, embrace your limitations. But, as I was saying, can you live life as if it was a film? I have an irresolute answer to that. (possibly negative.) If you could live life as if it was a film..if your life was a film, what genre would it be? If my life was a film I'd fast forward it. Not because I want time to pass, quite the opposite, but because it is filled with uninteresting moments. I am sure yours is too. Although, I wouldn't necessarily watch my own life if it was a film, I by no means, think this is a bad thing because, after all I am not so much a fan of action movies. Now, guess what was the last film I've watched. ;)

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