12 Ekim 2010 Salı

Halloween Hairdos: The Great Pumpkin

 "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"
This is a French Twist Crown that we've made into a pumpkin.  Start along the bang line for your French Twist and just continue it all the way around the head.  Be sure that your added strands are combed nicely so the finished product looks clean. 
 My princess's hair is quite long so we had to continue twisting long after I had finished adding hair and then we just bobby pinned down the excess.  Grab some orange ribbon, measure the length of your crown and then double it.  You will be using a plastic yarn needle for this hairstyle. Thread the needle by folding some dental floss through the eye, placing the ribbon in the dental floss and then pulling the floss with the ribbon back through the eye. Now weave around the pumpkin, tie the ends together, and cut off any extra ribbon. 
 If your princess has long hair as well and you have to double up some of the crown, just make sure you only weave once in that area. 
 Now for the stem you can use a green bow, some green ribbon, green yarn, or a pipe cleaner.  We've used a green pipe cleaner, poked it through the hair and then shaped it into a stem.  Wrap the extra pipe cleaner around a pen to curl it for little vines. 

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