8 Ekim 2010 Cuma

Puppy Dog Ears

I usually refer to these as "Heidi Braids" (which is their true name) but my princess really wanted to call this post "Puppy Dog Ears" - and so it is.  :) 
 Part the hair in half using any part you like.  I just used the "Butt Crack Part" because we were kind of rushed that morning. 
 Pull each half of the part up into a piggie and then braid it. 
We've done the Quad Braid on each of ours but I've found that it's cute with any type of braid. 
 Now pull the bottom of the braid up to the top elastic and secure them both together using a second elastic and wrapping it around the entire braid.  Have the bottom of the braid lying on top when you secure it so that the ends are sticking out perfectly, 
Wet down the ends of the braid and add a bit of gel or mousse.  Curl them over your fingers and they will dry that way.  Now you can add some hair clips to finish it off.  :)

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