14 Ekim 2010 Perşembe

Halloween Hairdos: Spider Rings

If your house is like our house, we always end up with a million little plastic spider rings after Halloween.
 We found this bag of spiders, bats and skulls and decided to try and put them to use.   
Basically you will be decorating Puffy Braids with the rings by cutting a slit in the bottom of the ring and then wrapping it over the elastic on the Puffy Braid. 
We started our Puffy Braid with a Zig-Zag Part.
Then just create a new section of the Puffy Braid every time the part hits a point. 
 Once your Puffy Braid is completed and all of the hair has been added in, you can decorate it with your rings in any pattern you like. 
You can also do it according to theme if you like:
We also added some cute little bows to the bottom of the ponytails.
The ribbons in the bows matched the rings perfectly which was just a lucky coincidence.

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