4 Ekim 2010 Pazartesi

The Cast

I was looking at my princess's hair after doing Red Light, Green Light and decided that I could take that to the extreme and  cover the entire ponytail.  That's how we came up with The Cast.  (It looks like a cast over a broken arm.)  :) 
 I always like to do a small Pull-Through on top of the head when all of the hair is being pulled back.  I think it adds a little flare to the style.
 Start with a ponytail and simply create your first Wrap around to hide the elastic. 
Make sure to pull all your Wrap Around ends through the elastic they're covering using a Topsy Tail.  This will make them hold tight and last all day long. 
 Under the first Wrap around you will want to add another elastic.  Have a Wrap Around on top of that one as well to hide the elastic. 
 Continue doing this all the way down the ponytail until it is fully covered except for the ends.  Add a hairclip and you're done!
 I'm going to have a fun variation on this idea coming up in my "Halloween Hairdos" that I'll be starting next week.  :)  Keep your eyes peeled for it! 

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