5 Ekim 2010 Salı


My princess came up with the name for this one because she said it looked like X's and O's.  :)  This hairstyle is easiest when the hair is really wet.  You can add a little mousse or product into the hair for extra hold if you would like. 
Divide the hair into two sections and pull each side up into it's own piggie. Now grab 4 chopsticks - you can use the regular wooden ones for eating or you can pick up some of these ones specifically for hair.
  I grabbed these ones off a clearance table and Sally's. 
 Poke the sticks through the hair, just behind the elastic holding the piggie.  Now take a small section of hair from the piggie and wrap it (in no organized fashion) around the sticks.  When you get to the end, just bobby pin it into the back of the piggie. 
Continue doing this with more small sections of hair - making sure to secure each one with a bobby pin at the end.  You can either tuck all the ends in with the pins or leave some sticking out like we've done here. 
With your last couple of strands you'll want to twist them before wrapping them.  This gives it more of an elegant look.  (You don't want to twist all the sections or else your bun will stick out too far.) 
 Give it a good spray and it will hold all day! 
*This is also a great hairstyle for those moms out there - with only one bun of course.  :)*

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