26 Ekim 2010 Salı

Halloween Hairdos: Pumpkin Patch

This one was so fun for me to do and it turned out really cute.  (Even thought I wish I would've had a bit more orange ribbon for the pumpkin buns.)
I began be dividing the hair in half horizontally across the head.  Pull each half into a ponytail close to the part.  You'll want one ponytail to be a little off-centered to the right and the other to be off-centered to the left.  Grab two bun molds and slip them over the ponytails.  Spread the ponytail evenly around the mold and secure it down with another elastic. 
 Now take the remaining hair on each bun and twist it together in a Corkscrew.  Wrap the Corkscrew around the bun and secure the ends in with bobby pins. 
 Now grab your plastic yarn needle and thread some orange ribbon through it.  Take your ribbon under the bun to begin and bobby pin the end of the ribbon down under the bun to hold it in place.  Now just take the ribbon up over the bun and thread your needle back underneath.  Wrap it as many times as you like to make it look like a pumpkin.  Finish it up by threading the ribbon under the bun one final time and secure the end of the ribbon down with a bobby pin.  Do the same on the other bun as well. 
Now grab a green pipe cleaner for each bun and make the step and vines by twisting it around a pen.  Stick the end down into the bun mold and it will hold just fine.  We've also added some other fun little pumpkin clips to the hairstyle to make it look more like a "Pumpkin Patch".

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