2 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Red Light, Green Light

I used to love this game when I was a kid and this hairstyle kind of reminded me of it. 
Start with a small section of hair in front that is secured into an elastic.  Use your Topsy Tail to make a Pull-Through.  Spray the hair down really well so that it's wet and comb it nice and straight. 
 About an inch down add another elastic.  Grab a small piece of hair just below the elastic and create a Wrap Around.  Do this again another inch down. 
Now gather all the hair, including the little section you just completed and pull it into a ponytail.  Grab a section of hair from just under the elastic and create another Wrap Around over the whole ponytail.
  Go down about 1 1/2 inches and place another elastic on the ponytail and create another Wrap Around. 
Do this as many times as you can - depending on how long your princess's hair is. 
Finish it off with a flower clip.
 It looks like you're going and stopping, just like Red Light, Green Light.  :)

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