20 Ocak 2014 Pazartesi

Forgive my foul observations

A complete chaos. It started on a Friday evening when the toilet got clogged. I realised how important the necessity to put our processed food away is. It seems so normal and trivial, just another chore like brushing your teeth. But, if your toilet gets clogged shit becomes your life, you will even dream of it, have nightmares. You’ll lose your appetite because just the thought of generating more shit will make you despise yourself. You begin to analyse and realise that without a place to send our waste away we are lost. It is quite saddening to think that we are very fragile towards hygiene. If we do not brush our teeth everyday we will consequently have bad breath, if we don’t wash ourselves, we stink. Even animals are better. Bomb the cat doesn’t brush its teeth and its breath is better than lots of human beings out there. Maintenance. It i all about maintenance. So, in the day the toilet got clogged I had to stay home the whole day waiting for the plumber to come and fix it. Around 3 in the afternoon he arrived. Wearing dark blue jeans dungarees. His hair was partly combed and, he had stains of paint on his Dr.Martins. He approached the entrance of the house with a black tool box. In a horsy voice he greeted me. I showed him the way to the toilet. I told him we haven’t used the toilet for three days. He went out of the toilet and back to the front yard where the pipe was located. He looked at me with a smirk and said: “You better go inside now, we never know what it will come out of it”. I looked at him with concern and went in. He removed the pipe opening and from inside the house I heard the sound of running water. He came inside and clutched his tool box. Afterwards, I decided to stay in the kitchen drinking tea. I haven’t eaten for three days.I would only have liquids. I offered him some tea but he politely rejected. He worked on the pipe outside whilst I had tea running down mine. (instagram) and a Dory Previn (song)

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