17 Ocak 2014 Cuma

Notes from Underground

I usually have to spend about an hour in the tube. That's how long my journey to college is. I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not. It surely has a positive side, which is..I can read half of a book whilst sitting there with nothing to do. There are a few things I usually do. I listen to music, which is often great. I feel as if I'am in a much better world; people look nice to the sound of my selected tunes but, lately they don't. Lately, music in the tube has been..boring. Crazy, I guess. Music can't be boring, right. I guess it's due to the commuters. They pack in and ruin everything. My second option is writing on my journal. I rarely do it. I buy loads of journals and dream of beautiful handwritings and, perfect interesting stories to write. Never Happens. Another issue with writing in public is privacy. Probably, no one cares what I am writing but it is the same as when one poses for a picture. People will stare for a couple of seconds. Said that, my third option is reading..as Bukowski says 'always carry a book with you so you don't have to look at people'. By reading a book the long journey does not seem so long. So, I sit there and Notes from Underground makes me smile and that's a reaction I consciously wonder about getting, alone in public..It is similar to laughing at your phone. Laughing alone. Can you control it? So what right? Ahh, okay!

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